Custom Milling for Light Guides & Blades

Our expertise in precision CNC milling and machining enables us to provide complex optical components with high-level accuracy and quality that meet the demanding of the automotive industry requirements for custom lightguide lenses & blades.

  • 5-axis CNC milling to machine parts of almost any shape
  • Cost-effective for prototyping and time-effective for short run production
Optical parts machining - AutoProtoWay
Our focus is on plastic machining & Milling of optical parts
Perfect Lit-up & Homogeneous Output

Tightest Profile Accuracy We Can Achieve for Light Guides & Blades:

  • Optics valley radii minimum R0.1mm
  • Maximal fillets radii 0.15mm on light guide teeth edge
  • Optical surface accuracy 0.02/5mm
  • After milled roughness Ra0.1μm
  • Hand polished roughness mirror gloss Ra0.02mm
  • Achieve homogeneous light output when lit up
Optical parts machining - AutoProtoWay
Optical part machining - AutoProtoWay
Precision 5-axis micro milling ensures Transparent & clear automotive light guides & blades prototypes for optical testing.

We provide advanced micro-milling services for optical components of the automotive lighting prototype, with diamond cutter turning enables us to manage the extremely optical details. Taking engineering data from auto parts manufacturers that we can deal with complex shape and every single optical detail, and create prototype optic parts to achieve the original design, especially the light guide lenses and blades. Precise CNC micro-milling guarantees perfect profile tolerance no deformation so that the light traveling on correct direction, and high-quality polish process achieve homogeneous light output when lit up.

Optical part machining - AutoProtoWay
Optical part machining - AutoProtoWay

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