Multi-Solutions for Lamp Lens Prototyping

Prototype for Headlamp & Taillamp & Foglamp

When it comes to auto parts manufacturing, the production of any part used in the automotive industry lighting fields calls for the highest-quality optical surface and strictest mounting type.
To make perfect vehicle prototype lamp lens, not only need to consider the technology you use but also should take max care on the post process, such as CNC milling tool radii, split and bonding proposal, painting process and optical grade material you choose.

Prototype Capabilities
  • Max fillets radii of optical surfaces 0.15mm
  • Whole surfaces mirror polished
  • Various color for lens gloss painted
  • Seamless glueing and bonding
  • Multi-color shots parts are available
CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
CNC machining plasic parts - AutoProtoWay
Real lamp lenses prototyping solutions provider for automakers

Our proto-techs application for various of 1K/2K even 3K lens:

  • High polished CNC milled PMMA for 1K clear lens
  • Multiple Color painted for CNC milled PMMA lens
  • Clear CNC milled PMMA + opaque ABS glued real 2K lens
  • Silicone tool overmolded 2K lens without any glue applied
CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay

Advanced overmolding technology

A complete headlamp lens usually includes opaque portion and clear portion. Series vehicle lamps no doubt need to apply a 2K shot injection molding process for production. But for prototype lamps or single lamp mock-up, it would be a waste of money and time to invest a real 2K mold.

2K silicone tool overmolding processes are relatively complex which include a 5-axis machine for perfect PMMA master milling; Best gate point and air exhausting design for 2K silicone mold making; Crystal clear grade PU material from Axson France for casting. Prototypes produced by our advanced overmolding technology make us gains numerous customer praise and recognition.

CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
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Overmolding plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
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