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Why are We so Confident as an Auto Lighting System Prototyping Expert?
CNC machining - AutoProtoWay

We focus on providing complete automotive lighting prototypes, which allows us to expand our knowledge and experience in this field and provide professional prototype services to many well-known automotive OEMs and suppliers around the world.

Auto lighting assembly - AutoProtoWay

From proof of concept design reviews and optical system development engineering tests to show car projects, From lamp lens prototype to optical component prototype, we are able to support at all levels of automotive product development processes.

Overmolding plastic parts - AutoProtoWay

We specialize in a variety of automotive prototyping developments and rapid manufacturing technology, providing CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid aluminum tooling, low volume injection molding, and sheet metal processing.

The best clarity and light transmittance

Auto Lamp Lens Prototype

01.Comprehensive CNC Machining

The best combined of 3-, 4-, 5-axis CNC milling machines, equipped with machine tools with a stroke of more than 1 meter, have the knowledge to machine clear plastic parts without blemishes.

02.Effective Split & Bond Solutions

Split and bond solutions could respond to machining costs saving and machining limitations. The visible bonding line on the acrylic surface can be wisely invisible by a suitable splitting solution and fine finish.

03.Highly Skilled Hand-Polishing

To ensure the delicate transparency for auto lenses, we strictly process polish from coarse to fine sand-polish, from polish paste to polish liquid, to achieve the highest transparency on the Lens.

04.Prototype Achieves 2K Molding

We can provide a variety of optional cost-effective 2K molding solutions. Urethane Casting achieves the integrated 2K lens overmolding in two or more materials.

A balance between optics and aesthetics
Precision Machining of Optical Components

5-axis CNC machining for the complex surface features, diamond cutting tools can achieve top surface quality, the minimum tool can machine to R0.1mm to perfectly present the designer’s optical details. So it’s not only the appearance of perfect but also helps the optical designer to verify the luminosity.

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CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
Lamp Bezel

The best precision processed by 5 axis continuous milling processing & optical mirror polish. High quality prototype optical parts, Perfect for optical function.

CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
Light Guide

Customized transparent components/nuance optical denticle characteristics for complex light guide. Expert production team to meet the function of optical angle distribution.

CNC machining plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
Light Blades

Whether the complex surface features processing, or the optical function and the top surface quality, present high aesthetic parts as our diamond tools machining details.

CNC machining aluminum part - AutoProtoWay
Mirror finishing of complex surfaces and optical details.
Machined Aluminum Reflector

Whether it requires ultra-fine optical features or high finish of complex surfaces, we can meet the customer’s test and verification of the thermal and optical of LEDs or traditional light sources. We focus on every engineering detail and design specification to help designers achieve every challenging project.

  • 5-Axis CNC milling, optimized NC programming process and effective tool path.
  • We pay attention to every design detail, the minimum machined radius for the optic detail reaches R0.10mm.
  • Superior surface quality, surface finish reaches Ra(μ m)0.2mm, Surface tolerance reaches +/-0.025mm.
  • For the structure of the back of the part, EDM-assisted machining is essential to meet the accuracy of overall machining needs.
  • One-stop custom surface finish, professional manual polishing and electroplating for different optical applications.
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We understand your needs at each stage

From Small Batch Customization to Pre-Production

Small Batch Urethane Casting

From a wide range of similar engineering-grade materials, we choose the polyurethane material that is most suitable for automotive lamp for casting small batch parts. We are proud of the perfect 2K casting process, as well as the milky diffuse component, which all accurately meet the needs of our customers in the optical field.

Rapid Injection Molding

We have the ability to provide rapid tooling of both aluminum and soft steel and low volume injection molding to deliver your end-use molded parts within 2-5 weeks. We provide cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc.

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