Trial Production

Low-Volume Production Run As A Follow-Up To Successful Prototype Development

Short-Run Trial Production for PVT

We help you create engineering prototypes and pre-production components faster than ever. To meet the required design optimization, functional testing, engineering verification, and quality certification.


Bridge the Gap to Production

Accelerating your project from prototype to production. Trial runs before moving to manufacture, helping troubleshoot possible manchining issues in full production, and creates opportunities to save materials and production costs.


Debut at the Auto Show

The components used for show cars are typically a mix between prototype models, trial production parts, and production car versions. Interact with consumers at the tradeshows for the most direct assessment.

Low-Volume CNC Machining

Infinite Capacity and In-House CNC Production

As a professional manufacturer in CNC machining, we provide support for your upcoming pre-production schedule by CNC parts manufacturing high-quality, precision-machined.
Whether you need production-grade plastic, various metals, or custom aluminum machined parts, we have the ability to manage any machining project from prototype to low-volume for you.

From Product to Supply Chain

One-Stop Shop for All Your Machining Projects

This is a highly skilled team with professional knowledge and experience to help you reduce design risks and save production time and costs, and carry this through to full fabricating support.
Our flexible approach enables to provide the right solution for your machining needs, or provide you with complete supply chain management by our rich industrial resources based in China.

Rapid tooling and injection molding

Whether you need hundreds of production-grade plastic parts for reliability testing, or on-demand production of end-use molded parts for low-volume production, our injection molding services can be tailored to different types of customer needs for products.

Rapid tooling - AutoProtoWay

Design Optimized For Manufacturability (DFM)

With our demonstrated DFM process, our engineers will ensure that your parts can be tooled and molded, and predict potential problems to help tackle your engineering difficulties and reduce the extra cost.

Rapid Aluminum Mold Creates Bridge Tooling

We have knowledge and experience creating rapid aluminum tooling, which means easier to machine than steel tooling, lower tooling costs and faster production changeovers.

Plastic Molded Parts For Low-volume Production

Need as few as 100 or more than 100,000? Trust your parts to manufacturers who can deliver quality and repeatability on every part, every time, so you can get to market first.

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Low-volume production parts - AutoProtoWay

We are expert in precision machining of complex surfaces. Strict quality control methods throughout the manufacturing process ensure every part we machine meets your expectations.

Quality Parts That Surpass Expectation

CNC Prototyping and Low-Volume Machining of Plastic and Metal Parts.
Low-volume production - AutoProtoWay

We focus on providing a range of solutions to suit your project. Bridge Tooling, Prototype Tooling, Thin-wall, Clear optical and High-polish Molding, 2K Molding, Insert and Overmolding.

Shorter Lead Times For Market Advantage

Full Range of Tooling and Injection Molding Options
Low-volume production parts - AutoProtoWay

Unlike traditional sheet metal shops, our sheet metal fabrication service is designed for functional prototypes, form fit & assemblies, and end-use production.

Assembling Everything From A Single Source

Custom Sheet Metal Prototypes and Production Parts
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