Make Your Prototype Look Lifelike

One-Stop Prototype Finishing Services

From Visual Models To Final Production Units

We Customize High-Quality Post-Fininshing for Your Plastic and Metal Parts.

Get the Perfect Appearance Quality

Our highly skilled hand finishing, superb polishing techniques provide outstanding prototype post-finishing, and supporting one-stop surface treatment. We meet the visual and functional requirements of any design.


Part Finishes Options

* Hand Finishing, Form Fit Function
* Sanding, Sand Blasting, Mirror Polishing
* Painting, Texturing, UV Coating
* Laser Etching, Printing
* Anodizing, Passivation, Powder coating
* Vacuum metalizing of plastic parts
* Plating for metallic finishes with nickel, chrome, copper, gold, and more

Get Your Parts Machined and Finished in As Fast As 5 Days

Still haven’t found the kind of finish you want? Still haven’t found the reliable proto suppliers? If you have any other special requirements we’re delighted of finding the right solutions for any of your custom needs.

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