Surface Finish Designed for Your Requirements

One-Stop Post-Finishing Services

From Visual Models To Final Production Units
We can do custom surface finishes that support your plastic and metal parts with low volume production. Without any compromises!!!
Why Choose Us?

With a strong Post- finishing team that supports a wide variety of industrial applications, our in-house prototype finishing is capable of providing the best post-finish including assembling & form-fitting, fastening & metal inserting, sanding & polishing, blasting & brushing, painting & printing.

Benefits of Surface Treatment

Here, we can offer any customers one-stop solution for both manufacturing and surface finishing services of their custom CNC machined parts, improving the performance of parts while reducing the risk of production.

1.Defined ( delicate) appearances
2. Improved resistance
3. Easy Cleaning
4. Narrow surface roughness.
5. Extend the lifespan

Get your parts machined and finished in as fast as 5 days

Still haven’t found the kind of finish you want? Still haven’t found the reliable proto suppliers? If you have any other special requirements we’re delighted of finding the right solutions for any of your custom needs.

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