Rapid Prototype Tooling For Plastic Auto Parts

Rapid bridge tooling foresees and avoids potential production risks through low-volume production.
Rapid Prototype Tooling

provides good aesthetic parts

Our Bridge tooling is building on the ability to help customers to manufacture molded parts quickly and early in the development process. Finally, it can bridge the gap between prototype and production and potentially increases the cosmetic functions, too.

Many of the features of rapid tooling may be shown in bridge tools, even if there is a greater focus on finish and tool design to ensure that surface aesthetics are not weakened. It is necessary to consider geometry, molding material, and lifespan of the tool when we choose the tool materials. Here, we usually use the whole ranges of aluminum, tooling grade aluminum, steels, and tool steels.

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Applications in Automotive Development

Prototype tooling for low volume production in automotive usages

     Accelerating the manufacture of limited edition car

Custom machining is popular in the modern car industry, including custom auto plastic parts and models. Most manufacturers use the principle of molded production to manufacture limited edition cars.

     Rapid tooling make low volume molding production affordable and fast

One case is a unique low-volume production demand for customized Headlamp Lightguide for 300-500 cars by Rapid Mold. We use soft steel or aluminum to cut the mold, the machining process for milling, grinding or EDM, which make the complex pockets and cavities will be easier. Saving the manufacturing costs, reducing delivery time- molded parts can be fast in 2-3 weeks.

Rapid tooling plastic parts - AutoProtoWay
No Design Limits

Rapid aluminum tooling plastic prototypes

We can combine traditional Injection Molding Tooling methods with Aluminum Tooling to quickly produce production quality Plastic Prototypes within 15 days or less.  With over 10 years’ experience in aluminum tooling, we can hold tight tolerance and produce first-class surfaces for clear lenses, optical light pipes, etc.

It is also a great fit for consumer goods manufacturers to launch their products into crowded markets. So, you can never worry about that the plastic Prototype will limit and have to adjust your design. We are committed to helping customers to get Injection molded plastic prototypes they want so that they can make the design live,  fit, and function, directly moving to production. Trust us, our rapid prototype aluminum tooling can get your project faster and more successful!

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Received. My feedback is it looks great thanks, we will just test out the product and run functionality test. Meanwhile can you send me a quote for lets say 1000 pc to start with.
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