CNC Milling to Make Auto Reflectors

Automotive lighting reflector is really a project full of challenges, it can show the processing capacity of a factory. It strictly requires the properties of materials and needs to be machined with high-precision 5-axis continuous milling machine. Better as well on demanding of seasoned people polish those optical surfaces carefully. No matter CNC aluminum or CNC plastic, with 5-axis mill tech we could complete the aluminum reflector within 3-5 days.

CNC machining aluminum parts - AutoProtoWay
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Manufacturing details about prototype auto reflectors
  • Material Selections:  high-reflecting & surface metalization
  • Cutter Radii: R max: 0.2mm on optical surfaces
  • Surface Treatment: polished mirror finish for optics region, full metallization for optics
  • Max Care: after milled roughness & hand polish do not degrade the optical profile.
CNC 5-Axis Machining

5-axis milling process for complex surface, finest Ra0.1mm, tightest precision 0.05mm, smallest optics radii R0.1mm

DFM Simulation

Thin condition, negative machining direction, section machining solution, or collision risk be confirmed before manufacturing.


Deburring, polishing, plating, and other handmade post-process work are indispensable keys for finishing a perfect reflector.

This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into manufacturing aluminum refletors.

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Prototype auto reflectors of complex surfaces & mirror gloss

Automotive lighting reflector requires high surface accuracy and surface roughness, which can ensure a good reflection effect in automotive lighting. What we always do is to provide high-quality automotive lighting reflectors. Our professional communication and pursuit of details accelerate the pace of customer innovation. With many years of experience in the automotive industries, we are deeply trusted by our customers.

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