ISO Certified Quality Assurance For Your Prototype

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Our team is committed to making sure all machined prototypes and parts you order are delivered on time and meet your quality expectations.

We have plenty of inspection facilities to provide a comprehensive, accurate measurement. From conventional calipers, and micrometer measurements, to accurate CMM measurements, from traditional height gauges to advanced 3D scanners. We take the inspection seriously, and then confirm the inspection report with you before delivery.

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QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
QC inspection - AutoProtoWay

How we do for quality control

Our quality control process starts from the RFQ, and continues to the final product shipment. We track and analyze every step of the manufacturing process to enable our projects to proceed smoothly, and components to achieve as consistent a result as possible. We hope to bring a satisfying experience to customers.

QC inpection - AutoProtoWay
Prototype ISO Certified To Maintain High-Quality

It is far from enough if a factory only has shipment inspection, there will be a lot of uncontrollable problems, and will probably cause great losses. We need quality control and corrective and preventive measures at every step of the manufacturing process in order to make our manufacturing process sustainable and win the trust of customers. We go through every production process checking out and control the quality, making sure for the goals that the finished product pass rate is not less than 95%, the on-time delivery rate is not less than 95%, and the customer satisfaction rate is greater than or equal to 90%. What we did made us who we are today.

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Resolving quality problems

If your order should not meet specifications, you would be able to raise any problems among five business days of receiving your components. Our order fulfillment team can resolve these problems as quickly as attainable, usually among 1 to 3 business days.

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QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
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