ISO Certified Prototype Manufacturer

Quality has always been our driving force

Our Commitment to Quality

At Wayken, quality transcends size; we give our customers the best experience at each manufacturing phase.

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Engineering discussion - AutoProtoWay
QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
QC inspection - AutoProtoWay

Inspection & Measurement & Testing

We have a team of highly-trained engineers and state-of-the-art inspection measurement and testing equipment ready to inspect each process such as incoming inspections, first article and process inspection, final inspection, and testing to meet strict specifications. We also provide reports and certifications as required.

QC inpection - AutoProtoWay

Quality Control Throughout The Entire Process

Our quality control process begins with RFQ and runs through to the final product shipment, tracking and monitoring each manufacturing process to ensure smooth project execution and consistent quality experience.

Our Quality Objective:
Finished product pass rate ≥ 95%
On-time delivery rate ≥ 90%
Customer satisfaction ≥ 90

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We continue to improve to exceed customer expectations and provide better parts faster.

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QC inspection - AutoProtoWay
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