On Demand Manufacturing Is The Trend In Automotive

In recent years, people have begun to pay more and more attention to personalized demands. For the mass production era, there is a manufacturing system developed to meet the needs of large enterprises. In this model, designers who need small pieces order have to take on product risks.  Always MOQ or small orders with high prices which are much more than the demand with very long delivery time. As far as on-demand manufacturing is needed widely, it greatly reduces the annoyance of designers. It can provide a single prototype to low volume production, no MOQ requirements, greatly reducing the product delivery time. Therefore, on-demand manufacturing has become an ideal choice for prototype production.

Pros of on-demand manufacturing in the automotive industry

Nowadays, every industry offers on-demand manufacturing processes to help design new products. Industries like automotive, medical, consumer electronics, aerospace, and the hot robotic industry in recent years have on-demand awareness to customize the parts of their new designs or redesigns. In this article, I will mainly introduce the advantages of on-demand manufacturing in the automotive industry.

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Flexible design options

On-demand manufacturing enables real-time adjustments and changes to the design, ensuring all design prototypes finished as quickly as possible and completed in a controlled manner. The factory will have a powerful database that allows designers to review previous adjustments, improve future components, and monitor changes to completed prototypes, which is very valuable for the automotive industry seeking rapid transformation.

No Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you only need one prototype or a hundred samples, on-demand manufacturers can quickly meet your order requirements.

As the pace of design advances and needs change, we have many ways like rapid tooling and vacuum casting that can provide low volume production for you to choose. On-demand production does not require a minimum order quantity, so you never have to order more product parts than you need.

Quick turnaround

The delivery cycle of the traditional manufacturing supply chain is time-consuming, because of the required order quantities in the system. Those confirmed minimum order quantities waste a lot of time for customers to bear the parts that no need. On-demand manufacturing is completely based on the customer’s needs, greatly reducing customer’s waiting time, and even for a quick turnaround of 3-7 days, accelerating the speed of customer design launch.

Custom & on-demand manufacturing for your parts

When it comes to on-demand manufacturing, the first thing people think of is 3D printing that has been hot in recent years. In fact, in addition to this, CNC processing, vacuum casting, and injection molding are all common processes for on-demand manufacturing.

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CNC and 3D printing are suitable for projects with a small number of parts. They often use as processing methods when engineers design and verify the original product concept. When the number is dozens or more, we will recommend customers to use vacuum casting or rapid tooling to manufacture parts, which are often used in trial production before formal production. In the automotive industry, we have gained the trust of our customers with professional advantages.

We customize personalized needs

We are engaged in prototype and low volume production, from CNC machining services, SLA & SLS, to rapid tooling, sheet metal and die casting, etc. There are no minimum order quantities, even if only one part. A variety of processing methods are at your disposal to solve the problems that traditional factories cannot solve for you.

We manufacture multiple prototypes

We provide numbers of metal and plastic materials, which contain 30+ kinds. And we strive to achieve a tight tolerance of +/- 0.005mm. Whether in terms of material or processing accuracy, we do all of this only to provide you tons of options, just choose us, you can get the various effects that you want.

We provide one-stop & on-demand services

Equipped with high-precision 3, 4, and 5-axis continuous CNC machine tools, and able to process various complex or high-precision parts. We also have experienced finishing professionals, who not only provides a wealth of post-processing methods but also the highest surface roughness achieves Ra0.02. Our one-stop professional services and on-demand production saves you the time of searching.

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Technological progress and digital development are emerging and rapidly affecting the entire manufacturing environment. The on-demand production model an inevitable trend in almost all industries. After enjoying the results of real product customization, customers will put forward higher requirements. Meanwhile, bringing more benefits to enterprises with customized capabilities. We will follow the trend, and committed to providing customers with the most professional and comprehensive services. AutoProtoWay.com will always be your backup force in custom and on-demand production.

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