Tips of Low Volume CNC for Milling

CNC technology is a traditional method in the manufacturing industry. The truth is that this technology has impacted both the fabrication and production industries hugely. Besides, the manufacturing process owes a lot of its success to the CNC machining. Depending on the industry, some choose the high volume while others settle on low volume CNC.

What is Low Volume CNC Manufacturing

It is the manufacturing of quantities from 50 to 100,000 parts; It is also a bridging means to move from rapid prototyping to full-scale production. In other areas, they use low volume production methods for the main aim of market testing. Otherwise, it’s a perfect way to manufacture and get products quickly to the market. While at the same time, you are responding to design modification and shortening the manufacturing cycle time.

Though the low volume CNC machining processes may vary, still, low volume manufacturing remains the same. Neither is the process affected by the tooling or material used.

Low Volume CNC Metal & Plastic

Traditionally, CNC technology is known as the precise processing method. Over the years, the demand for its services has continuously grown. Its use and application widened to a new range of materials. Now, the technique is employable in machining Metals and Plastic parts.

low volume cnc-plastic parts low volume cnc-metal parts

CNC Metal Parts

CNC machining technology has become a viable means for manufacturing custom machined parts. Its versatility and precision enable a swift simplification in tooling metal parts. The setup involves standard adjustable fixtures, and in case of inconsistencies, it’s compensated using machine positioning tools.

The widely low volume CNC methods used are lathe turning and EDM wire cutting. The key advantage is high precision and ability to tool any metal type, starting from ordinary steel to different grades of stainless steel. Furthermore, it tools metals with bad machinability like titanium alloy. The difference happens in either the tool life or cutting parameters and viability.

CNC Plastic Parts

The use of plastic materials is part of CNC development. Hence the birth of CNC plastic machining technologies now occupies a significant area of low volume CNC precision and plastic parts manufacturing.

CNC plastic prototyping has risen to popularity because of industrial-grade polymers. This lead to the plastic industrial invasion, which is now unstoppable. The above is attributed to three reasons; plastic parts are cheap to produce, lightweight, and durable. Besides, plastic parts are inexpensive to manufacture compared to metal parts.

Plastic is machinable with countless high precision methods such as injection molding, printing, or machining. However, CNC machining is excellent for manufacturing parts with geometry complexity and fine finish surface. Also, it achieves tight tolerance and can produce any specific surface finishes on each detail.

Custom Low Volume CNC Machining

Currently, there is a definitive trend taking over the modern manufacturing zone. The issue of setting batch is diminishing by the day. Thus, the line between rapid prototyping and low volume CNC machining is growing at a quick pace.

custom cnc parts appearance custom cnc parts inner

The reason for this shift is that CNC machining is outstanding, repeatable, and easy to use. It only needs a few program changes to fit the new requirements. Hence, the customer gets pleased with the produced machined parts.

CNC machining plays an invaluable role in the bespoke manufacturing of custom machined parts. Either it’s metal or plastic; CNC machining will deliver high levels of accuracy and intricacy. Thus, on low volume CNC, you can utilize those same properties to maximize set up and low turnovers. In return, this will enhance components production rate and provide designers with abilities to improve on initial designs.

Another aspect of CNC machining method is the efficiency levels. They are so high and affect both the manufacturer and consumer as well. Besides, this technology has close to no waste, and the precision is high. In return, it prevents unnecessary costs related to excess material that may affect the overall cost.

All We Can Support for Low Volume CNC Machining

As aforementioned, there is much to gain from low volume CNC and short-run manufacturing. The processes help prevent financial losses by gradually scaling production according to market needs. Furthermore, the technology of CNC machining is viable and ideal for processing both metal and plastic materials.

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Lastly, several entities prefer low volume CNC, especially the CNC milling technique. These include upcoming or small business, Architects who need prototypes, and advertising companies. Yet, the technology is not limited, and artists and the self-employed individual can embrace it.

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