Focus on the complex details of the optical prototype to achieve the true reproduction of the original design.
Auto Lighting
One-stop custom CNC machining solutions for your metal and plastic auto parts.
Custom CNC
Low volume manufacturing, supporting from prototype to production validation.
Trial Production

Automotive Prototype & Custom Auto Parts Manufacturing

BEST YOU NEED, BEST WE PROVIDED. is a sub-website of WayKen Rapid, focusing on providing more professional services of automotive prototyping and custom auto parts manufacturing.

Prototyping - Accelerator in automotive innovation

By providing advanced prototype manufacturing, custom machining, and rapid tooling to support and satisfy all sides of demands from the automotive design and development cycle. With more than 20 years in automotive prototype services, we do strive to be your best full service product development partner, including the proof of concept, the structure and performance verification, function and engineering test, and even pre-production verification.


CNC Machining

Flexible 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC configurations for precision machined components ensure your design turns out successfully every time.


Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling & low volume injection molding ensure quality plastic parts a smooth transition from prototypes to production.


3D Printing

No matter how highly complex your design geometry is, SLA & SLS can offer a solution and speed up your product development process.

Precise 3 & 5-Axis CNC Machined Custom Auto Parts

Precision CNC machining of plastics and metals strictly meets the exact specifications & fast turnaround of automotive parts manufacturing needs. We offer a full solution to boost your efficiency, flexibility, and productivity.

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As Exquisite As Art That Optical Prototypes For Automotive Lighting

Sometimes there is no obvious difference between a work of art and an optical component. We specialize in automotive lighting prototypes to support your design evaluation, functional verification, and photometric development engineering test.

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Lean Production From Prototype To Trial Production

Supports from prototyping to rapid tooling and low volume production benefit customers in time-and-costs saving on quality control and supplier management, producing parts close to final production, as trials to eliminate production risks.

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Global Footprint

With Business Active in 30+ Countries & 200+ Customers, Your Best Choice Of High-Quality Prototype. Just Upload Your CAD Files For a Free Quote Now!

Professional Team

A Professional Team Based In China, With 60+ Skilled Employees & 5000+ Projects, Focusing On Automotive Prototyping At Every Point In Your Process.

Excellent Quality

With Tightest Tolerance +/-0.005 MM & ISO 9001, Committed To Providing You The Tough And Precise Prototype To Verity Your Design And Engineering.

Fresh news
Quotes - AutoProtoWay

Parts arrived and we already started building the lamps. Thanks for giving us priority and sending them in time!
We really like the quality of the parts, especially the CHMSL cover lens looks amazing!

- Wiebke

Technical Specialist

Quotes - AutoProtoWay

All of 3 projects were ok. Concerning quality from my side and side of our engineering, we were fully satisfied. From the optical point of view, we will see after finishing assembly.
I see that on prototype field you are on high level.
Thanks for asking. I enjoy for next collaboration.

- Peter

Team Leader

Quotes - AutoProtoWay

Just finally got a chance to sort out all the parts we have received so far.
In general, the parts look very good! Thanks! We will need to evaluate the actual performance once we put the parts into vehicle.

- Cooper

Program Manager

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